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Spotted eagle rays are a treat to see on our Belize snorkeling tour

Snorkeling on Belize’s beautiful barrier reef system!

Map of Belize and Turneffe IslandBelize is a small country located 17.2 degrees north of the Equator and along the eastern edge of Central America, facing towards the Caribbean Sea. Often referred to as ‘Mother Nature’s best kept secret’, Belize is famous for its lush tropical jungles that possess thousands of plants and animals and its azure-blue seas that teem with colorful fishes and coral. With nearly 80% of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System residing offshore, it is home to some of the highest levels of marine biodiversity in the Caribbean Sea. Three of the four atolls that can be found in the Caribbean are located off the coast of Belize: Turneffe, Glover’s, and Lighthouse atoll.
Our snorkeling tour bases from the largest atoll in the Caribbean, Turneffe Atoll, giving us unparalleled access to some of the amazing marine life that inhabits the waters around Belize’s Barrier Reef. Purple sea fans sway back and forth in the gentle ebb and flow of the sea as schools of blue tangs move as a single unit while they forage for algae along the spur and groove reef formations. Red and yellow sponges, cobalt-blue fish, and rainbow-colored angelfishes are the norm on just about every snorkel! We will also visit the famous Blue Hole and the bird sanctuary on Half Moon Caye. This 8-day / 7-night expedition to this special part of the world is one that should not be missed!



Our snorkeling adventure on Belize’s Barrier Reef begins and ends in Belize City. Please note that this is a general itinerary and that weather, tides, and other unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances may affect the schedule at any time.

Day 1: Belize City / Turneffe Island
Meals provided: D
Belize route mapArrive at Belize International Airport in Belize City where you will be transferred by ground staff to the Radisson Hotel for our boat to Turneffe Island Resort (TIR). The boat departs for TIR approximately 4:00 pm so be sure to plan your arrival into Belize before 3:00 pm. Overnight Turneffe Island Resort

Day 2 – 7: Turneffe Island / Blue Hole / Half Moon Caye
Meals provided: B,L,D
Each of our snorkel days will include a morning and afternoon snorkel at various sites not far from our resort on both the outer rim and inner lagoon of Turneffe Atoll. The atoll is surrounded by shallow coral gardens dominated by Caribbean sea fans, tube sponges, and hard corals, as well as lush mangroves and seagrass meadows, perfect for observing colorful reef fish and invertebrates in clear, warm water. One of our snorkeling days we will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful reefs around the world famous “Blue Hole” found within Lighthouse Reef Atoll. This diverse area is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and harbors hundreds of species of reef fish. This special day will include a picnic lunch on Half Moon Caye Natural Monument where a massive population of Red-footed booby birds have established a breeding colony alongside Magnificent frigate birds. Overnight Turneffe Island Resort

Day 8: Turneffe Island / Belize City
Meals provided: B
After breakfast transfer by boat from Turneffe Island Resort to the Radisson Inn in Belize City. Transfer to airport for international flights. Flights out of Belize should be planned for 1:30PM or later.


May 18 – 25, 2024 ←Sold out
Accommodations: Turneffe Islands Resort
Guides: Brian Magnier
Length: 8 days

Prices and Payment schedule:
$4700 USD per person, double occupancy
$5700 USD per person, single occupancy

Reservation deposit: $1000 USD
Feb 17, 2024: $3700 USD / single: $4700 USD

May 17 – 24, 2025 ←Click to request a booking
Accommodations: Turneffe Islands Resort
Guides: TBD
Length: 8 days

Prices and Payment schedule:
$ USD per person, double occupancy
$ USD per person, single occupancy

Reservation deposit: $1000 USD
Feb 17, 2025: $ USD / single: $ USD

Tour cost includes:

  • Accommodations on day 1 through day 8
  • All meals on days 2 through 8 (dinner on day 1 &; breakfast on day 8)
  • All internal transfers including international arrival and departure transfers
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • All snorkeling and park fees
  • All gratuities

Tour cost does not include:

  • Round-trip international airfare
  • Additional hotel accommodations and meals as a result of travel outside of the program dates
  • Visa requirements including payments
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • International departure taxes
  • Extra / overweight baggage fees
  • Trip insurance (recommended; (we recommend Travel GuardWorld Nomads, or Travel Insure)
  • DAN insurance (required unless personal insurance program has worldwide emergency evacuation services)
  • Additional accommodations while on tour in the event of flight schedule changes or events of force majeure
  • Fuel surcharges (if applicable)

Cancellation policy:
180 – 91 days prior to departure: 50% of trip cost
90 days or less prior to departure: 100% of tour cost

Please see our Terms and Conditions



Turneffe Island Resort is a small, tropical island located on the Belize Barrier Reef SystemTurneffe Islands Resort is a secluded 14-acre private island located 35 miles off of the coast of Belize. The resort has 22 spacious rooms that are all located on the beach and offer magnificent views of the beach and Caribbean Sea. Fabulous gourmet meals are served in an open air pavilion where warm sea breezes add to the flavors. Activities include world class snorkeling, SCUBA diving, fishing, kayaking, or paddle boarding and their spa offers two resident massage therapists, where you can indulge in a daily massage, sink your heels into a pedicure or relieve yourself of the sun with a locally-sourced seaweed wrap. More photos 


Belize enjoys a tropical climate with temperatures that hover around 82º F (28º C) during the daytime and fall slightly at night. Afternoon and early morning showers are common but the sun generally shines throughout the day creating a perfect environment for swimming in the clear, blue seas. In most cases, water temperatures range between 80º – 82º F (27º – 28º C), though some sites may experience cooler temperatures, even as cool as 75º F (25º C) especially during the winter months.

Each day of snorkeling revolves around a schedule that boasts plenty of water time. Aside from the snorkel on the house reef, all of our sites will be accessed via our private boat that has a good ladder for entry back into the boat. With the daily goal of snorkeling some of the best reefs in the world, our schedule generally includes two snorkel sessions and a presentation before dinner. Our first snorkel session begins after breakfast and can last up until lunch. We generally budget for at least three hours of water time so it is up to you! About an hour after lunch (at the resort except on the Blue Hole/Half Moon Caye 'day'), we jump back in the water for another session.

Our beach walks on Half Moon Caye are on well established trails (sand/dirt/rubble) that is mostly shaded and with no significant elevation. The viewing platform, however, is completely exposed to the sun and it is essential that guests wear some type of foot protection (the platform can get very hot) as well as the usual clothing/protection for exposed tropical environments.

Please read more about our daily schedule.


The following list is a suggestion of things to bring and applies to almost all our trips. Specific items on a particular departure will be noted on the departure information.

-A good fitting mask, snorkel, and set of fins. If your equipment is brand new, please try it out in the pool. Determining the fit and function of your equipment in the pool includes doing several laps with all your equipment on. Doing several snorkel dives is also very beneficial. It is also important to clean your new equipment, especially your mask. Cleaning procedures for your mask include light scrubbing with toothpaste or dishwasher soap to remove the layer of silicon used to preserve the mask during shipping. Clean both sides of the mask. Doing this greatly reduces the chances of having your mask fog. Not doing this, even when using mask de-fogger, usually results in a fogged mask.

-A wetsuit, rash guard, diveskin, or any type of clothing that can be used for thermal and/or protection from the sun. We suggest bringing a full 3mm wetsuit and some type of core insulation like a vest or shirt made of 1 – 2 mm neoprene (e.g., Lavacore or Sharkskin shirts or vests). These items will not only provide thermal protection but protection from the sun as well. For those who feel that a 3mm suit may be too warm, please consider a full body skin or rash guard to ensure protection from the sun. With regards to thermal protection, remember the saying: It is better to have and not need, than to need and not have. One that note…

-Head protection in the form of a wetsuit hood, a cap, or even a bandana. Anything that can keep the sun off your head is extremely important. It is the most exposed part of our bodies when we are floating on the surface.

-Underwater flashlight on departures with a planned night snorkel

-Biodegradable sunscreen lotion. Sunscreen lotions can be harmful and even kill tiny larvae (baby marine life). It is fine to wear on land, but we highly discourage the use of sunscreen lotions in the water. A full wetsuit or dive skin will protect one from the sun much better than lotions and provide thermal protection. It is truly a win-win for everyone and the marine environment.

-Casual, lightweight, tropical clothing
-Sunglasses (and a spare in case you lose your main pair)
-Comfortable footwear such as active sandals (Teva, Keen, Merrell, etc.)
-Hats. We cannot stress the importance of a hat in the tropics!
-All our boats provide items like shampoo, soap, towels, etc. We bring this up because these items represent added weight or may leak.

Other items to consider:
-Lightweight rainwear to protect from the occasional afternoon shower


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