juvenile semi-circle angelfish - coral triangle advnetures
Snorkeler photographed in Raja Ampat by coral triangle adventures
Raja Ampat Trip Report, February 2020
  From the rare and bizarre to the beautiful and breathtaking, the animals seen on this trip were incredible. In
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Cephalopod behavior
  Cephalopods are always a highlight on any day of snorkeling, and one of the groups of cephalopods we come
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Halmahera and Raja Ampat Trip Report
    For the first Coral Triangle Adventures trip of 2020 we embarked on a special snorkel journey that began
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Aerial view of Rinca Island, Komodo National Park snorkeling tour coral triangle adventures
Thriving Reef Fragility in the Land of Dragons
  It has long been thought that coral reefs, one of the most diverse and productive ecosystems, are among the
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Whale shark photographed in Komodo national park by Coral Triangle Adventures
Komodo Snorkeling Tour, Oct 2019 Trip Report
  When people ask about our favorite trips we always mention, without hesitation, Komodo National Park. Sure, the park is
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Coral whip goby photographed by coral triangle adventures while snorkeling in Indonesia
Something fishy is going on in Eastern Indonesia
  I really enjoy the challenge of trying to take photos of colorful tropical fishes while snorkeling and free-diving. It
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Heart of the Coral Triangle Trip Report
  Trip Report: Snorkeling the Heart of the Coral Triangle, Sept. 23-Oct. 11, 2019 What an epic journey we just
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Komodo National Park
From Sea Slugs to Seascapes: Komodo National Park
  By the end of the recent Coral Triangle Adventures trip to the Komodo National Park and surrounding islands the
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mandarinfish photographed in Palau by coral triangle adventures
Palau 2019 Trip Report
  Palau is where it all started for Ethan and I and every time we return, it reminds us of
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soft corals and anthias - coral triangle adventures
Papua New Guinea trip report 2019
  After a short flight from Port Moresby to Rabaul, located on the northeastern tip of the island of New
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