juvenile semi-circle angelfish - coral triangle advnetures
Juvenile yellowtail coris photographed in Komodo National Park - coral triangle adventures
Komodo National Park 2018 Trip Report
  Two of my top five snorkel sites in the world, in terms of deliverability, are found on our Komodo
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reef squid photographed in Turneffe Atoll, Belize
Belize 2018 Trip Report
  Coral Triangle Adventures’ second trip to Belize and the Caribbean Sea was another one to remember. Once again our
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Wakatobi dive resort - aerial photograph taken by lee goldman - coral triangle adventures
Wakatobi 2018 Trip Report
  Wakatobi is an acronym combining the first two letters in the names of the four main islands (Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa,
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close up of anemonefish photographed in Alor, Indoneisa
Alor 2018 Trip Report
  Alor, Indonesia 2018 Trip Report Wow. That one word is certainly an apt description of the coral reef environments
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Researcher taking a photo ID of whale sharks in Donsol, Philippines. Coral Triangle Adventures
CTA supports Whale Shark Research in the Philippines
  Coral Triangle Adventures supports Whale Shark Research in the Philippines Part of the origins of Coral Triangle Adventures began
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nembrotha kubaryana, Raja Ampat Indonesia, Coral triangle adventures
Surrounded by nudibranchs!
  Setting up marine life ‘themes’ on our snorkeling tours is something we’ve been doing for many years. Whether it
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manta rays gliding over reefs in Raja AMpat, photographed by coral triangle adventures
Raja Ampat, Feb 2018 Trip Report
  Do I begin with how awesome our group of snorkelers were or how fantabulous the actual snorkeling was during
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Juvenile ocellated parrotfish taken in Raja Ampat, Coral Triangle Adventures
Being Juvenile in Raja Ampat
  Snorkeling in Raja Ampat gives us the chance to see not only a huge diversity of adult reef fishes,
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Choclate chip sea stars in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Raja Ampat, Nov 2017 Trip Report
  Another superlative CTA excursion through the very heart of the Coral Triangle! We are just back from our latest
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aerial view of Wayil - coral triangle adventures
Flying High in the Coral Triangle
  Where once we were confined to climbing Indonesia’s rugged hills and volcanoes in order to get an aerial-like view
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