juvenile semi-circle angelfish - coral triangle advnetures
blue ring octopus photographed in the Banda Islands
Banda Islands Trip Report, Nov 2017
  Admittedly, I am always excited to visit the Banda Islands for the historical content, but almost within the first
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Being Juvenile in Belize
  After being away from the Caribbean for 20 years, I was incredibly excited for the return. Ironically it would
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Belize 2017 Trip Report
  Belize 2017 Trip Report Coral Triangle Adventures has finally gone to a destination far beyond our namesake ‘ The
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chocolate chip sea stars in Komodo National Park
Colors of Komodo
  Color is a major part of what we, as snorkelers, experience in the underwater world, especially in coral reef
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red emperor snapper in Komodo National Park
Komodo Trip Report 2017
  Each time we do our Komodo National Park snorkeling tour it keeps getting better. I didn’t think we’d be
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typlical reef scene in Alor Indonesia
Fish Galore in Alor!
The title really says it all. We have yet to visit a snorkeling destination where the reefs possess literally thousands
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Soft coral and snorkeler in Alor, Indonesia
Alor, Indonesia trip Report, May 2017
    The Lesser Sunda Islands never seem to disappoint snorkelers with the region’s vast array of marine biomass. Fish
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A colorful bristle worm at night in Palau
The Worms Came Out at Night in Palau
    Ok, so I’m probably overemphasizing the worm density in Palau’s inner lagoon waters but I needed to grab
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butterflyfishes of palau, a poster by lee goldman and coral triangle adventures
Butterflyfishes of Palau
    Butterflyfishes are some of the most popular reef fishes in the world. They are colorful, active during the
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Peach anthias school above a reef in Palau
Palau Trip Report
    I had not been back to Palau for 10 years. Having worked and lived there for several years
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