juvenile semi-circle angelfish - coral triangle advnetures
A colorful bristle worm at night in Palau
    Ok, so I’m probably overemphasizing the worm density in Palau’s inner lagoon waters but I needed to grab
butterflyfishes of palau, a poster by lee goldman and coral triangle adventures
    Butterflyfishes are some of the most popular reef fishes in the world. They are colorful, active during the
Peach anthias school above a reef in Palau
    I had not been back to Palau for 10 years. Having worked and lived there for several years
Green colonial tunicates photographed in Raja Ampat
  The February/March 2017 Coral Triangle Adventures trip to Raja Ampat brought the group of intrepid snorkelers up close and
Green sea turtle rising for a breath in Raja Ampat
  Beginning in Misool and ending in the Dampier Strait, our latest Coral Triangle Adventures Raja Ampat snorkeling exploration went
Chromodoris magnifier photo taken in the Philippines
  The Philippines is one of the few places in the world where snorkelers can see a huge diversity of
female anthers, photo taken in the Philippines
  Though I have done nearly a dozen trips to the Visayas region in the Philippines, it had been almost
s pink and white bonnet anemone fish in the Solomon Islands
  It’s not often that we come across a naturally occurring and rather obvious hybrid animal while snorkeling. That said,
black tip reef shark in the Solomon Islands - Coral Triangle Adventures
  The Solomon Islands never fail to amaze us. Every time we visit, now our fourth, we are constantly amazed
Fluorescence in Acropora millepora
  Simply put, fluorescence is the ability to absorb light of shortwave lengths and emit it at longer ones. In