juvenile semi-circle angelfish - coral triangle advnetures
zooxanthellae exists in extreme conditions in the Persian-Arabian Gulf
  Here is a really interesting study on coral and their symbiotic algae, zooxanthellae (read about it here). Scientists are
Recently bleached staghorn coral (Acropora sp.)
  It has been well established that corals, in general, are negatively affected by two of the main factors that
A female dugong swims with her calf near Calauit Island, Palawan, Philippines
  This recent article about the protection of dugongs (Dugong dugon), or sea cows, (read here) made me think of the
Purpletop dottyback (Pictichromis diadema)
  In the first two parts I discussed the importance of having good snorkeling skills and getting closer to your
Spinner dolphins solomon Islands
  This article on dolphin hunting in the Solomon Islands (see here) hinted at a potential solution. Provide the islanders
Mudskipper on a mangrove root
  I have been visiting family in the United States for the past week and although I am very happy
Luzon sea star (Echinaster luzonicus) autotomy
  The word ‘autotomy’ comes from the Greek ‘auto’, meaning self, and ‘tomy’, meaning severing. Animals with this amazing ability
Biodiversity and the coral triangle, part three, nutrient recycling and ESA
  The third and final part of this blog on focuses on nutrient recycling and the Energy-Stability-Area hypothesis to further
Juvenile zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatus)
  Scientists, by training, are all about skepticism. It is an important part of the scientific process to believe false
Halimeda ghost pipefish (solenostomus halimeda) photographed in Dimakya island, Palawan, Philippines
  Our final destination on our Philippines snorkeling tour was Dimakya Island in Palawan. Dimakya Island is home to Club