juvenile semi-circle angelfish - coral triangle advnetures
Brittle star hitchhiking on a hairy jelly, Lobonema smithii
Brittle stars hitching a ride
  The odd relationship between brittle stars and hairy jellies I am always excited for our Palawan, Philippine snorkeling trips.
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Sebree's dwarfgoby, coral triangle adventures
Biodiversity and the Coral Triangle, part 2
  In the first part of this discussion, I defined the Coral Triangle and focused on physical barriers (vicariance) as
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Pyrosome floating in open water in the Philippines
It’s a Pyrosome…or maybe not!
  Updated March 8, 2015Original <Back in 2009 I encountered a really strange creature while snorkeling off of Cabilao Island,
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Peach Anthias, fish photography blog
Fish Photography, part 2
  In the first post about fish photography I emphasized the importance of having good snorkeling skills. To recap, having
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Mastigias jelly reflection photographed in Raja Ampat
The Spice Islands 2015
  Standing on Bandaneira it was hard to imagine the impact that these islands made on the world during the
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Triggerfish, Hatta Island, Bandas, Indonesia, Ethan Daniels
Spice Islands 2015: Pulau Hatta, Banda Islands
  Drifting above the edge of a vertical drop off I watched thousands upon thousands of red-tooth triggerfish flapping their
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marine biodiversity, coral triangle, fishes, coral
Biodiversity and the Coral Triangle, part 1
  Biological diversity, or biodiversity, is essentially all of the variety of life in all of its manifestations, including the
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Bicolor Parrotfish (Cetoscarus ocellatus), Alor, fish photography
Fish Photography, part 1
  Taking pictures of fish is not easy. I think we all know that. Their strong sense of flight in
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Blenny perched on coral photograph taken while snorkeling in Alor, Indonesia
Welcome to Coral Triangle Adventures
  This is our first blog for our company, Coral Triangle Adventures, and we are going to start out with
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