juvenile semi-circle angelfish - coral triangle advnetures
Comet (Calloplesiops altevelis)
A comet in the ocean
  In my lifetime, I have seen only two comets, one was Halley’s comet in 1986 and the other was
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Kurt's coralblenny from northern Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines
Reef Fishes from the Philippines
  The title of this post reads like it will be a boring list of the 1700-plus species of tropical
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El Nido, Palawan snorkeling tour, March 2015
Snorkeling El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
  As usual, our snorkeling trip to El Nido, Palawan, Philippines gave us the opportunity to see a variety of
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male jawfish holding eggs in its mouth
Male Jawfish assume the role of motherhood
  Finally! The right place, right time…but wrong lens. Ah, the same old story, but I can fix that with
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Brittle star hitchhiking on a hairy jelly, Lobonema smithii
Brittle stars hitching a ride
  The odd relationship between brittle stars and hairy jellies I am always excited for our Palawan, Philippine snorkeling trips.
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Sebree's dwarfgoby, coral triangle adventures
Biodiversity and the Coral Triangle, part 2
  In the first part of this discussion, I defined the Coral Triangle and focused on physical barriers (vicariance) as
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Pyrosome floating in open water in the Philippines
It’s a Pyrosome…or maybe not!
  Updated March 8, 2015Original <Back in 2009 I encountered a really strange creature while snorkeling off of Cabilao Island,
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Peach Anthias, fish photography blog
Fish Photography, part 2
  In the first post about fish photography I emphasized the importance of having good snorkeling skills. To recap, having
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Mastigias jelly reflection photographed in Raja Ampat
The Spice Islands 2015
  Standing on Bandaneira it was hard to imagine the impact that these islands made on the world during the
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Triggerfish, Hatta Island, Bandas, Indonesia, Ethan Daniels
Spice Islands 2015: Pulau Hatta, Banda Islands
  Drifting above the edge of a vertical drop off I watched thousands upon thousands of red-tooth triggerfish flapping their
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