juvenile semi-circle angelfish - coral triangle advnetures
Juvenile regal angelfish (Pygloplites diacanthus)
  The islands Cabilao and Pamilacan reside just offshore from Bohol, one of the larger islands that make up the Central Visayas
Harlequin shrimp in Sogod Bay, Leyte
  Ok, so the reefs here are amazing to snorkel upon, and the area is scenically beautiful. But when you
Anemonefish and demersal egg-laying strategy
  It was several days past full moon and the tiny eggs were almost ready to hatch. The reproductive pair
Comet (Calloplesiops altevelis)
  In my lifetime, I have seen only two comets, one was Halley’s comet in 1986 and the other was
Kurt's coralblenny from northern Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines
  The title of this post reads like it will be a boring list of the 1700-plus species of tropical
El Nido, Palawan snorkeling tour, March 2015
  As usual, our snorkeling trip to El Nido, Palawan, Philippines gave us the opportunity to see a variety of
male jawfish holding eggs in its mouth
  Finally! The right place, right time...but wrong lens. Ah, the same old story, but I can fix that with
Brittle star hitchhiking on a hairy jelly, Lobonema smithii
  The odd relationship between brittle stars and hairy jellies I am always excited for our Palawan, Philippine snorkeling trips.
Sebree's dwarfgoby, coral triangle adventures
  In the first part of this discussion, I defined the Coral Triangle and focused on physical barriers (vicariance) as
Pyrosome floating in open water in the Philippines
  Updated March 8, 2015Original <Back in 2009 I encountered a really strange creature while snorkeling off of Cabilao Island,