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Spinner dolphins solomon Islands

Dolphins in the Solomon Islands

This article on hunting dolphins in the Solomon Islands (see here) hinted at a potential solution. Provide the islanders with an economic incentive that dwarfs the returns on hunting dolphins and the islanders will no longer have a need to hunt them. Seems simple enough. This solution, however, is temporary and tenuous if it is simply a cash dole-out. And, unfortunately, this was something that was also implied in the article. The main problem is that if the money runs out, the incentive most likely will run out. The real solution must be based firmly on a sustainable source of income that favors the protection of dolphins. The obvious answer is tourism. Along with the amazingly beautiful reefs, people, and culture, the abundance of dolphins that can be seen in the area is a significant reason to visit the Solomon Islands. In many ways the increase in tourism not only reinforces (to the islanders) how special their area is, but adds to their economy. It is our hope that one day the money brought in from tourism eclipses the money earned from these brutal dolphin hunts, making the slaughter of these majestic creatures of the sea a thing of the past.