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Got Muck – Exclusive group and private SCUBA diving trips…If your passion for the underwater world extends past the activity of snorkeling and into the realm of SCUBA diving, we want to introduce you to Got Muck ( and its founders and owners, Hergen Spalink and Kerri Bingham.

Hergen and Kerri design and lead exclusive SCUBA diving tours to some of the best destinations within the Coral Triangle; places like Raja Ampat, Komodo National Park, and the Solomon Islands to name a few. They charter only the highest quality of boats and group sizes are a limited to 16 to allow plenty of room on the reef as well as to maintain the personalized service they are well known for.

Got Muck photo of a manta ray

Got Muck, photo of a grey reef shark


Hergen and Kerri have over 20 years of SCUBA diving experience in this region and both are fantastic photographers. Many of their images can be found in a variety of magazines on natural history and SCUBA diving. If you are looking for a special SCUBA diving adventure, be sure to check them out (

Got Muck, photo of soft corals

Got Muck, group photo on a dive expedition

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