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Marine Life and Natural History fo the Coral Triangle. The famed Coral Triangle is a geographical term. It is used to describe the region that possesses the world’s highest levels of marine biodiversity. The roughly triangular-shaped area encompasses waters surrounding the countries of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. Within its borders are over 500 species of coral and over 2000 species of coral reef fishes! This the ultimate destination for marine naturalists and enthusiasts, with nearly limitless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Through text and colorful photos, MLNHCT goes well beyond describing over 1000 coral reef species. It takes the reader into the amazing realm of reef ecology. With over 70 short essays and phylum descriptions, the book covers topics such as: why the coral triangle has the world’s highest levels of biodiversity; how and why fish school; why fish are colorful; what makes the loudest noises on the reef; what is behind the color changes in cephalopods; what those mounds in the sand represent. It also describes marine trophic levels, nudibranchs’ defenses, odd fish behaviors, sea star autotomy, and much more. Each story is complemented with beautiful and artistic images that illustrate behaviors, relationships, and the underwater riches of the coral triangle.

Lee Goldman and Ethan Daniels are marine biologists who have over 30 years of combined experience in this region. This book is the perfect companion for snorkelers and divers who wish to learn more about what they are seeing while floating above or swimming among the magnificent reefs of the coral triangle.

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