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Solomon Islands, December 2022 Trip Report

Solomon Islands 2022
It had been almost six years to the day since our last visit to the Solomon Islands, and without hesitation we can report the reefs look better than ever. With nearly twelve full days of snorkeling, we had the chance to intimately explore many of the reefs within and around the Russell and Florida Island groups, as well as include a day trip to Mary Island, traditional song and dance at Karamolun Village, and a rare opportunity to snorkel the wreck of the Hirokawa Maru near Honiara. In addition to the wonderful reefs we got to see, we also had the chance to see the world famous, World Discoverer, a large expedition ship that was abandoned on the reef in the Florida group, and had magnificent views of the rare  Omura’s whale found only in the tropical seas of the Coral Triangle!

Another important part of our trip that was also better than ever was, of course, the Bilikiki and her crew. We were so well taken care of in all aspects of our trip, and Pato and Fernando were exceptional in making this one of the best we’ve ever had in the Solomon Islands! Check out our photo album below to see many of the colorful fishes, rare critters, beautiful reefs, and fantastic scenery we had during our time snorkeling and on board the Bilikiki.

Our next blog will feature some great aerials that Ethan captured during two epic encounters with a rare Omuru’s whale! We hope to visit the amazing Solomon Islands again in 2025!