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Coral Triangle Adventures was created from our love of snorkeling, our passion for the marine environment, and our desire to share that with fellow snorkelers. Our snorkeling tours take place primarily in the Coral Triangle, and are designed to provide you with a unique, educational, comfortable, safe, and exciting snorkeling experience.

Update 4/28/2020. Thank you for visiting our website. We know that it might be some time before we find ourselves immersed in warm, clear water surrounded by a dazzling number of fish, but please know that once things return to some sense of normalcy, we hope you will join us on our snorkeling trips. As always, we are committed to offering the finest snorkeling experiences in the world and we truly appreciate your interest and patience with the current travel situation. We are confident that things will get better and travel will return to normal in the near future. Be safe, optimistic, and keep dreaming of snorkeling!

Six things that set us apart

1. Experience. We have organized and led nearly 200 expedition-style snorkeling tours! While other operators may copy our mission statement, we have over 30 years of combined experience developing, organizing, and guiding custom snorkeling tours.  And we have done this successfully for high-end travel companies like Wilderness Travel, Sea for Yourself, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Drawing on this experience, we use boats and resorts that operate at the highest levels of excellence, and are 100% committed to the conservation and preservation of the environment. Furthermore, we choose the right time of the year to take advantage of the best weather conditions for snorkeling or increase our chances for encounters with rare and amazing animals. Our programs are so popular that companies like The Oceanic Society have copied them, but of course, cannot match our attention to detail and intimate knowledge of the areas in which we travel.

2. Dedicated boats. We charter the entire liveaboard boat so that it is 100% committed to our snorkeling program. Likewise, at our base resort we charter the entire day-excursion boat so that there are no SCUBA diving programs that could potentially conflict with our snorkeling activities. Our tours also use small dinghies that accompany us whenever and wherever we snorkel so there are no unnecessary swims against currents or to cover long distances to return to the main boat or shore. Furthermore, this allows you to spend as much time or as little time in the water based on your own preference, rather than at the group’s schedule. When you are ready, signal the dinghy driver to pick you up and return you to the main boat. Easy!

3. Unique and exciting itineraries. Our own passion for exploration has led us to develop many exhilarating and exclusive itineraries that are off-the-beaten-path or are exceptional approaches to popular areas that reveal amazing secrets and sites often missed by general itineraries. Having designed many of the snorkeling itineraries currently offered by several adventure travel companies, we have a pretty good idea of what works, where to go, where the masses are going, and where they are not!

4. A serious amount of snorkeling time. Many tour operators may boast about their snorkeling tours, but encourage guests to spend only an hour or so actually snorkeling before moving on with other activities or even to a different site. Our daily schedule allows for maximum snorkeling time, generally at least three hours in the morning and up to three hours in the afternoon. We appreciate relaxing on the sundeck with a cool drink surrounded by incredible beauty, but we never lose sight that it’s really all about the snorkeling!

5. Us. We personally guide all of our tours (because we love to snorkel as much as you do)! We are marine biologists who, through research and exploration, have over 30 years of experience in this region and we love sharing our knowledge with our guests! We complement our days of snorkeling with nightly presentations about marine life and ecology, as well as tips on taking underwater photographs, local history, and biogeography.

6. Complete packages. Our itineraries are nearly all inclusive so that you are well taken care of from the moment you depart the airport to the moment you check back in.

“…We began our small tour company with the singular goal of being able to organize and lead luxurious snorkeling trips for dedicated marine enthusiasts to visit some of the world’s most magnificent reefs. We take them on journeys that represent more than a vacation, but rather a breathtaking experience into a magical underwater world full of beauty, energy, and wonder. That we are also able to promote a deeper understanding about, and appreciation for, the marine environment through marine life interpretation and educational presentations is just icing on the cake.”

We pride ourselves on designing and leading snorkeling trips of a lifetime, but ultimately our success is measured by how our clients feel about their experience…click here to read what our clients are saying about our tours!


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