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We pride ourselves on designing and leading snorkeling-trips-of-a-lifetime, but ultimately our success is measured by how our clients feel about their experience…

Thank you again for a fantastic trip to Palau! We had the best time and were amazed at all we saw and did.” Beth Caldwell, Georgia, USA (Palau, Apr 2024)

The trip was awesome and truly delightful. The boat, the staff, our snorkel guides, Lee and Ethan…and of course the reefs were fantastic and the sea life magnificent. I couldn’t have been in better hands than with the two of you! Thanks so very much for this terrific trip!” Kathy Kretschmer, Arizona, USA (Raja Ampat, Mar 2024)

They did it first, have done it many times since, and continue to innovate and lead with care and passion.” Russell Endo, Delaware, USA (Raja Ampat, Mar 2024)

This was our fourth trip with CTA. We were so pampered on the boat with its comfortable rooms, delicious food, and wonderful crew. The reefs were fabulous but the best were Lee and Ethan. As marine biologists, they bring their expertise on these “snorkel and learn” trips, adding value with evening presentations, witty banter, and stress-free logistics. Everything is included, hotel, internal flights, meals, park fees, gratuities, etc. We just show up and have fun!” Victoria Kong, Delaware, USA (Raja Ampat, Mar 2024)

It was a FABULOUS trip, stat to finish. Coral Triangle Adventures stands out for several reasons. First, the leaders are very knowledgeable and tailored the daily itinerary to the conditions, varied the locations, and were on hand to explain what we were seeing. Second, the boat was amazing; beautiful, comfortable, staffed with exceptional crew, and offered superb dishes at every meal. Third, a great value. The logistics and coordination provided on this trip exceeded my expectations and went beyond what other major operators offer guests on similar itineraries.” Orna Samuelly, Washington State, USA (Misool, Raja Ampat, Mar 2024)

The very best snorkeling sites in the world and CTA the very best snorkeling guides to make sure we saw it all” Susanne Lee, Washington D.C., USA (Raja Ampat and Misool, Feb and Mar 2024)

After many trips with Coral Triangle Adventures I finally managed to get to Raja Ampat. It did not disappoint! We were on the Gaia Love which has to be one of the best live-aboards. Found all kinds of different creatures including wobbegongs, sea horses, many turtles and on the last day, a dugong!” Eileen Jackson, CA, USA (Raja Ampat, Feb 2024)

We’ve traveled to over 140 countries in the world. We’ve been on boats, on tours, on treks, on bikes, long drives, funky hotels, and luxury resorts. This trip with Coral Triangle Adventures to Raja Ampat, and on the liveaboard the Gaia Love, will rate as one of the very best of our many trips.” Miles and Susan Stair, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands (Raja Ampat, Feb 2024)

We’re still dreaming about our wonderful trip. We can’t say enough about the spectacular snorkeling and the warm and cheerful crew of Pindito and their smiling attention to our every need and desire. The boat crews’ care and attention made us feel safe and confident. Your presentations were interesting and informative, and I particularly liked your explanation of the El Nino events and the tectonic effects on ocean currents and evolution. We’re already thinking about another trip next year…” Dick and Marilyn Robertson, British Columbia, Canada (Banda Islands, Nov 2023)

Just returned for my 5th CTA trip and the Banda islands did not disappoint! Already planning my next trip for 2025. I highly recommend taking the plunge to reach the Indo Pacific with CTA to experience incredible and endless coral reefs and an abundance of beautiful and unusual fish and other critters. I was so well taken care of; I could have forgotten what day of the week it was! Great food, excellent accommodation, knowledgeable guides, and fun fellow snorkelers. Very much great value for money!” Diane Imus, New Zealand (Banda Islands, Nov 2023)

I’ve gone on 11 snorkeling trips with Lee and Ethan and each trip is different and glorious in its own way. This last trip to the Banda Islands was no exception. Each day we ate great food, snorkeled for five-six hours, listened to Lee’s informative and sometimes hilarious presentations, and often finished with a night sky watch session before bed. This was a great trip, next up, Palau.” Rochelle Zabarkes, New York, USA (Banda Islands, Nov 2023)

What a great time we had in Belize! I can’t believe I got such great pictures of squid. The resort and their staff are world class!” Karen Baxter, New York, USA (Belize, May 2023)

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip. I appreciated your choice of snorkel locations that allowed us to be in relatively shallow water if we wanted. Your evening presentations were great, and I learned alot from both of you!”Julie Savidge, Colorado, USA (West Papua April, 2023)

The Raja Ampat trip was even more wonderful than I expected!! What a magical place!! And I could not have been happier with the entire operation. Brian and Brent are phenomenal guides—extremely knowledgeable and hard-working.”Caroline Rogers, St. John, Virgin Islands, USA (Raja Ampat Nov, 2022)

We went on a snorkeling cruise with Coral Triangle Adventures on the Gaia Love boat in November of 2022. The boat was well maintained and comfortable, the food was great, And the snorkeling was fabulous. The customer service went way above expectations. We were utterly spoiled. We are looking forward to going again next year. ”Aaron and Rhonda Thain, Idaho, USA (Raja Ampat Nov, 2022)

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip. As mind blowing underwater and above as we had hoped. The Gaia was great—all their guides: amazing spotters and all the staff so nice and helpful. Shout out to both Brent and Brian. Brian brings so much knowledge and enthusiasm to his role. His knowledge of birds, plants, reptiles, etc was a great asset. ”Grace Brill, New Mexico, USA (Raja Ampat Nov, 2022)

This is definitely the best trip or my life!
Rebecca Gibbel, St. John, Virgin Islands, USA (Raja Ampat Nov, 2022)

If you want to visit some of the most remote reefs of the coral triangle with outstanding guides and itineraries, this is a trip not to miss. I loved the opportunity to explore a variety of habitats with plenty of time to observe and take photographs. Excellent evening presentations on the region and marine life really brought a focus to my time in the water. Their professional service was outstanding. From the time I arrived in Bali until we departed on our homeward flights, CTA’s attention to detail made it so easy to relax and enjoy the adventure. I love snorkeling and traveling with CTA!
Flo McAlary Washington State, USA (Alor, Indonesia Oct, 2022)

Just returned from a fabulous, first-class snorkeling adventure to Komodo with Lee and Ethan. My second visit to Komodo with CTA and I look forward to visiting these islands again with them. Why CTA? Because they take care of everything and it’s personal. Equally as important, they know the snorkeling sites. We’re introduced to a variety of reef habitats with lots of time to explore and photograph. I really looked forward to their evening presentations on coral triangle biogeography and reef inhabitants as they were always informative and entertaining, with lovely visuals. The video and pictures from the trip they leave you with are priceless mementos of a journey with excellent leadership, great company, lots of good humor, and new friends.
Flo McAlary Washington State, USA (Komodo, Indonesia Sept, 2022)

As a first time customer, we are pleased to say we had a fantastic time on both the Komodo & Alor Sept-Oct 2022 trips. Lee & Ethan did an amazing job of selecting unique snorkeling sites each day. We never grew tired of seeing & learning new things each day. The other great guests and the wonderful crew of the Gaia Love helped make this entire vacation a total joy. CTA’s land agent helped us plan a perfect pre-trip tour of Bali. Hope to do more trips with CTA in the future.
Mike Smith & Thelma Coles, Texas, USA (Komodo and Alor, Indonesia Sept-Oct 2022)

BIG thanks to you two for the terrific trip! We had another memorable time with you guys and a great group of guests.
Bob and Betty Geltz, CA, USA (Alor, Indonesia Oct 2022)

I’ve gone on several snorkeling trips with Coral Triangle Adventures and just completed back-to-back adventures to Komodo and Alor. It’s not just the exquisite blue water, or the 1500 species of fish, or the comfort and luxury of the live-aboard that makes each trip an extraordinary experience. It’s the unfailing enthusiasm and decades of experience of the trip leaders and the crew and the lasting friendships that I’ve developed on these trips. I’ve already booked another snorkeling adventure with CTA—this one to the Banda Islands.
Rochelle Zabarkes, New York, USA (Komodo and Alor, Indonesia Sept-Oct 2022)

Thanks again for an awesome trip. I think these snorkel trips are the most relaxing kind of vacation for me.
Diane Imus, Wellington, New Zealand (Alor, Indonesia Oct 2022)

I’ve spent considerable time in Palau, but nothing, nothing can beat snorkeling there with CTA. Their years of experience in Palau ensure that not only do you experience all the iconic sites, but also lesser known but equally spectacular spots throughout the Rock Islands. And always under the best conditions possible (tides, currents,) to ensure a great experience.
Susanne Lee, Maryland, USA (Palau, Micronesia April 2022)

Twice to Belize with CTA – the very best way to snorkel the Caribbean. Their expert choice of habitats to explore ensures seeing the widest possible range of marine species. A special treat is snorkeling the Great Blue Hole.
Susanne Lee, Maryland, USA (Belize Oct 2021)

I have nothing but rave reviews for CTA, Ethan, Brian and the Gaia Love team – they run quite the operation.
Karen Baxter, New York, USA (Raja Ampat Feb 2020)

What a great trip we had in Raja Ampat with Ethan and Brian. The Gaia Love was fabulous and we saw so many cool things!!
Diane Imus, New Zealand (Raja Ampat, Feb 2020)

Betsy and I want to note the value that Brian added to our trip. His knowledge, enthusiasm and level of customer care are very valuable characteristics for CTA’s trips.
Larry and Betsy Lee, MN, USA (Halmahera, 2020)

Our sixth spectacular trip with one or both of you. We wouldn’t go with anyone else anymore. And we like your new guide Brian – Smart, quick -learner, excellent spotter, very helpful in water and out.
Teresa Williams, WA, USA (Halmahera, 2020)

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent Wakatobi snorkeling adventure with Brent and Dave. They were very knowledgeable and, hopefully, will be available to you for future CTA trips.
Ed Freudenburg, CA, USA (Wakatobi 2019)

Brent does know his fish!  I’d be happy to snorkel with him again.
Susan Kemper, Kansas, USA (Wakatobi, 2019)

Epic trip is right! Great trip report, but it could be expanded into a hefty, heavily illustrated book and a riveting motion picture. Mega thanks for offering such an incredible experience.
Nina Gormley, Maine, USA (Heart of the Coral Triangle, 2019)

A fantastic trip! Everything that’s mentioned in the blog and a lot more too, not least the company of Lee and Ethan whose knowledge, enthusiasm and humour made it such a great experience.
Pauline and Brian Chapman, Ware, UK (Heart of the Coral Triangle, 2019)

We have thoroughly enjoyed over 20 snorkeling trips with Ethan and Lee! Because of their excellent guiding and trip organizing, we have been able to see some of the most amazing underwater landscapes on the planet. What a joy it has been to learn from Lee and Ethan more about what goes on under the surface. Their thoughtful, creative lectures enhance the snorkeling experience. We feel extremely fortunate to have been able to travel with Coral Triangle Adventures and highly recommend their snorkeling trips.
Lyn and Woody Savage, California, USA (Komodo 2019)

This was the third Coral Triangle Adventures snorkel trip we have been on. As before it was everything one could hope for.  Lee Goldman, the CTA honcho and guide for these trips is the best of guides.  The organization was smooth as could be with plenty of pre-trip information and arranged transfers from here to there and back when ever needed.  Most importantly he knows the areas…
Steve Malone, Washington State, USA (Palau, 2019)

Snorkeling with Lee in Palau – travel just doesn’t get any better than that! Palau is our third Coral Triangle Adventures trip, and it, once again, exceeded our very high expectations. Lee’s personal knowledge of the area, of marine life, of the very best snorkel sites and his ability to share his expertise in an engaging and entertaining way made for an unforgettable experience. The icing on the cake was his attention to each guest getting the most out of the trip.
Linda Malone, Washington State, USA (Palau, 2019)

The Palau trip was first class from start to finish! You arranged the adventure to provide an excellent snorkeling experience while ensuring our comfort. The reefs we visited were in excellent condition, with a diverse array of fish and corals; it was a real treat to encounter reef organisms, previously only observed by me in captivity.
Jules and Darlene Silverman, North Carolina, USA (Palau, 2019)

We had a marvelous time with Lee Goldman on our 2019 Palau snorkeling trip. Palau is spectacularly beautiful, both above and below sea level. Our first CTA trip exceeded our best expectations. We were with a friendly and interesting group of people. Lee did an excellent job showing us notable parts of the islands and great snorkeling spots. He has an impressive knowledge of marine life. The Rock Island Aggressor ship was comfortable, with a wonderful crew. We are looking forward to our next trip with CTA!
Roseanne Chambers and Bob Davis, California, USA (Palau, 2019)

What a wonderful trip. Thank you.
Rochelle Zabarkes, New York, USA (Wakatobi, 2018)

…a fabulous trip with fun people and great guides. I enjoyed moving easily from shallow reef flats to an impressive coral wall and seeing turtles appear from the deep blue sea…The best thing about Wakatobi was having a very interesting and diverse reef right off the resort’s jetty. So many interesting critters right at our doorstep. Having 3 night snorkels was a real highlight for me.
Diane Imus, Wellington, New Zealand (Wakatobi, 2018)

Thanks for the trip! It was a great trip and I am really grateful to have been reminded of the magical other world that exists below the surface.
Lauren Archer, Jakarta, Indonesia (Alor, Indonesia, 2018)

Lee and Ethan have incredible knowledge about marine biology and of course Raja Ampat. And indeed, Raja Ampat lives up to the billing of being the epicenter of biodiversity. We’ve snorkeled all over, and have never had an experience this good. The boat and staff were fabulous. And the other guests were wonderful fellow explorers. So much biodiversity lives in the top 30 feet, and we were determined to find the right way to see it in Raja Ampat. CTA is it! Prior to this trip, we have never been able to ask someone questions about the ecosystem, species, or animal behavior we just observed. Lee and Ethan are awesome — with their knowledge, ability to teach, and to boot, they clearly have fun doing what they do. Their enthusiasm is contagious. We plan on taking another trip with them next year.
Corey Goodman and Marcia Barinaga, Marshall, California, USA (Raja Ampat, Feb 2018)

Traveling with Coral Triangle Adventures to Raja Ampat was the way to go! Trip leaders/company owners Ethan and Lee are well seasoned professionals, at home in the region, on board and in the water, relaxed, confident, fun, funny, and informative. It was such a pleasure to travel with trip leaders who genuinely know and enjoy their subject/region and who direct their own trips start to finish. Wonderful group of fellow travelers and all around great experience. I look forward to joining another CTA watery adventure…
Kay McMahon, California, USA (Raja Ampat, Feb 2018)

As I said on the last day of the tour, I can’t find words superlative enough to say how much we enjoyed our glorious Raja Ampat tour. Thank you, Lee and Ethan, for the care you took to choose the best snorkel spots including visiting them immediately prior to our time in the water to assess the conditions and to be sure the most beautiful and interesting critters were still there. Thank you for your attention to organizational details, your marine biology expertise, your thoughtfulness in maximizing each guest’s experience (including remembering and pointing out particular fish someone was hankering to see) plus being personable, fun and entertaining. The whole experience was unforgettable, and we will be back to tour with Coral Triangle Adventures again!”
Steve Malone, Washington State, USA (Raja Ampat, Nov 2017)

The trip to the Bandas was even better than Lee’s blog stated. Great weather, great group of snorkelers, great boat staff, great coral/fish and great leaders. Everyday was a new adventure. A highly recommended adventure.
John Fravel, California, USA (Banda Islands 2017)

Our family loves to snorkel! With Coral Triangle Adventures, we have snorkeled in the most gorgeous, varied, and interesting places of all. The guides are very knowledgeable, and great fun to travel with. They have taught us a lot about fish identification and behavior which helps us to improve our GoPro videos.
Lyn and Woody Savage, Nevada, USA (Philippines 2017)

If you love snorkeling, there is no better outfit to travel with than Coral Triangle Adventures…
Rudy and Patti Churner, Texas, USA (Komodo 2017)

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip as always. We had a great time and deeply appreciate your knowledge of the fabulous places you take us to.
Lynne Ballew, California, USA (Palau 2017)

Linda and I want to thank you both for making this a wonderful trip for us. We had a terrific time, learned a lot, and saw beautiful creatures and shared the company of many lovely people…
Richard Luduena, Texas, USA (Palau 2017)

Wonderful experiences on beautiful reefs teeming with life. Wonderful leaders and fun group of guests.
Barbara Lister, Colorado, USA (Palau 2017)

Glorious is the word, Lee. Every snorkel, the diversity of habitats, our wonderful snorkeling group and crew…Your cocktail hour presentations were so entertaining and informative. So thanks, and see you again next year!
Shelly Altman, California, USA (Philippines 2017)

It was a terrific trip, Lee! Magical snorkeling and the boat, crew and our fellow travellers made for a wonderful adventure. Fish nerd heaven! Thanks again for all you put into it.
Cara Bowers, New York, USA (Philippines 2017)

This trip was beyond all expectations!  I learned just how little I know about life in the ocean and can’t wait to learn more.  Ethan and Lee are wonderful teachers and the boat crew was unbeatable as were the accommodations!
Jackie Bell, California, USA (Komodo 2016)

I absolutely loved the Komodo trip we were able to join you on!! What a thrill to snorkel beside one of those creatures! People think we’re crazy! I think we’re extremely lucky to be able to experience something like that! A huge thank you to Ethan Daniels and Lee Goldman for making dreams come true! A loyal Coral Triangle Adventures lover!! See you again soon!
Kristi Schankie, Kansas, USA (Komodo 2016)

Absolute Nirvana: Raja Ampat – the most spectacular marine biodiversity in the world combined with the incredible expertise of CTA. I’ve lived in Palau and snorkeled all over the world, but no other experience came close to snorkeling Raja Ampat with Lee, Ethan, and Dave. Not only are they marine biologists and outstanding underwater photographers, they are experts on the pristine, isolated waters of Raja Ampat and how best to experience them. Their extensive knowledge of the fish and coral species, their habitats, and the tides and currents; attention to detail; and, emphasis on maximizing time in the water ensured a truly amazing snorkeling vacation. I’m looking forward to snorkeling Komodo with them in the future.
Susanne Lee, Maryland, USA (Raja Ampat, 2016)

What a wonderful experience Raja Ampat was: Thank you for showing us around that magical kingdom
Katherine Mosby, New York (Raja Ampat, 2016)

I had never done an organized snorkel tour before so I was pleasantly surprised when I went on my first one with CTA to Fiji and learned that everyone else on the tour had traveled with Lee & Ethan numerous times in the past to many exotic destinations. Having spent a fascinating 11 days with Lee & Ethan I now understand why they have such a loyal clientele: As marine biologists with years of experience snorkeling, doing underwater photography and leading tours, they are the ideal guides. They are very professional but are also a lot of fun and, in addition to leading fascinating snorkel tours each day, they are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with daily educational presentations on everything from local marine life and culture to coral reef biology and marine ecology. I am already planning my next CTA adventure!
Cindy Glancy, Princeville, Hawaii (Fiji, 2016)

We traveled with Lee on the Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea snorkeling exploratory and were not disappointed!  Each reef was exciting and very diverse in its own way.  We especially enjoyed Restorf Island and huge schools of many different fish on the exposed reefs.  This was a very satisfying and delightful snorkeling adventure on amazingly pristine reefs.
Kurt and Lianne Raynor, British Columbia, Canada (Papua New Guinea 2016)

Jan and I have agreed that this was one of our best trips ever thanks to Lee and Ethan as well as the crew and guests.
Paul and Jan Brown, Michigan, USA (Raja Ampat 2016)

Thank You! That was the Very Best Snorkeling Trip We’ve Ever Had!
-David and Audrey Northrop, New Mexico, USA (Raja Ampat, 2015)

The best snorkeling adventure ever! Raja Ampat has so much diversity that it is overwhelming…from the tiny nudibranchs and pigmy cuttlefish to the wobbegong shark and of course the magnificent manta rays. A wonderful trip enhanced by Lee’s and Ethan’s knowledge and enthusiasm. The evening lectures were great and not to be missed. Thank you both.
-Cindy Turkle and Dan Clark, Iowa, USA (Raja Ampat, 2015)

We wanted to thank you both again for making the trip to Raja Ampat such a fantastic experience. From the smallest nudibranch to the largest wobbegong shark we’ve every seen and all the ornate ghost pipefish, reef sharks, manta swirls, and teeming clouds of colorful fish in between, your good cheer, knowledge, and experience made this the trip of a lifetime!
-Janey Kaster, California, USA (Raja Ampat, 2015)

Ethan and Lee are the best in the business, and any trip they lead is bound to be fabulous. My recent trip to Raja was no exception – gorgeous corals, an incredible variety of fish, nudibranches, octopus, mantas, and many other creatures. All very well-organized, and enhanced by Ethan’s and Lee’s knowledge and skill. Thanks for a great trip!
-Cory Streisinger, Oregon, USA (Raja Ampat, 2015)

Incredible seascapes – hard corals, soft corals, sponges, fans, feather stars, anemones, nudibranchs, fish – pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, blue, green! And then, three species of sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, frigate birds, sea eagle, kites, and hornbills! Thank you Lee and Ethan for a marvelous adventure!
-Beth Caldwell and Ken Greenwood, Georgia, USA (Raja Ampat 2015)

For the avid snorkeler, Coral Triangle Adventures is a seamless way to visit unique destinations. Lee and Ethan have taken care of the all the details, all we had to do was jump in to the water. They made sure that every day we saw something new and exciting. Every snorkel provides unique opportunities whether it was coral, fish, or a combination of both.”
-John and Carol Fravel, California, USA (Komodo National Park 2015)

Thank you for a great trip to Komodo Island National Park! The coral reef diversity was breathtaking. The wealth of knowledge that you both bring to these trips is the main selling point for us. Our room on board was comfortable and spacious and we were pampered with delicious meals and snacks.  Having sweet ginger tea waiting after the morning snorkel and hot cocoa after the afternoon snorkel were wonderful treats. We look forward to going with you to Raja Ampat!
-Jo-Ann and Oren Leong, Hawaii, USA (Komodo National Park, 2015)

“We’ve snorkeled from Bonaire to the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Triangle Adventures trip to Raja Ampat we did was the best organized and most beautiful snorkeling we have experienced.”
-Peter and Linda Beuret, California, USA (Banda Islands, 2015)

“The trip to the Spice Islands with Lee and Ethan was the best snorkeling trip I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking, and I’ve been to some fantastic places. Beautiful coral gardens, lots of fish, and knowledgeable guides who are fun to be with make this a must-do trip for anyone who loves our coral reefs.”
-Kevin Kaster, California, USA (Banda Islands, 2015)

“Alor featured a nice variety of snorkeling habitats with some unusual creatures that one doesn’t often see, and we frequently stayed in the water for a good three hours. The land excursion to visit the Kalabahi market and to see the hillside tribal dances was a bonus. Lee and Ethan’s expertise made the trip all the more worthwhile!”
-Vicki Gutgesell, California, USA (Alor, Indonesia, 2014)

“We could stay in the water as long as we wanted when snorkeling, and that was extremely important since there was SO MUCH to see on these reefs.”     
-Rowena Sim, South Carolina, USA (Alor, Indonesia, 2014)

“Snorkeling in Alor, Indonesia, was wonderful! Beautiful reefs and incredible marine biodiversity. Everything was more special because the trip was very well organized and our guides, Ethan and Lee, were very professional, well experienced, prepared, and a lot of fun too! I can’t wait to go on another adventure with them…”
-Sandra Criteli, New New, USA (Alor, Indonesia, 2014)

Testimonials of a clown triggerfish photographed in Palau by coral triangle adventures
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