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This is our Trip Reports / Blog page

Pretty cool, right? Lot’s of pretty pictures, but our blog is more than that. We have spent many, many years bringing guests to snorkel some of the greatest reefs on earth. On this page you’ll find trip reports about recent snorkeling tours we’ve been on, tips on photography, ¬†stories and essays on topics revolving around marine environments and conservation, and latest news in the realm of marine science and conservation. They are organized into categories we’ve listed at the top of the page. Most importantly, we hope that you’ll find our Trip Reports / Blog page useful in trying to narrow down your snorkeling-trip-of-a-lifetime destination.

Seriously, we know how hard that can be :-). Trying to choose between an area with awesome reefs with unimaginable diversity and abundance versus an area that has similar qualifications but with slightly different habitats and settings? Our Trip Reports / Blog entries go into more detail than our tour pages, which may be helpful for teasing our subtle differences between destinations, especially with regards to some of the marine life that we see. Please feel free to leave a comment! We love hearing about snorkeling adventures that folks have been on and certainly with thoughts and ideas about snorkeling tours. For any further information, or to reserve a trip, or just have questions or concerns, please email us. We love to hear from you!