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Coral Triangle Adventures Snorkeling Tours


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Spot tail wrasses in Alor to Wakatobi

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Our tours in brief:

Alor, Indonesia: Super lush reefs with amazing diversity and abundance of fish.
Alyui Bay, Indonesia: Mega diversity in micro habitats.
Ambon to Raja Ampat: Best of both worlds, Ambon for the bizarre critters and Raja Ampat for the reef life and diversity of habitats.
Banda Islands: Historic island group with vibrant seaward reefs and big fish!
Belize: Shallow reefs with good coral coverage and fantastic diversity of Caribbean reef fishes.
Fiji Islands: Excellent reefs of hard and soft coral, good diversity of local reef fishes.
Forgotten Islands: A chain of idyllic tropical islands surrounded by clear, warm seas and coral reef.
Halmahera: Off-the-beaten-path destination with pristine reefs and locations.
Heart of the Coral Triangle: Alor, Banda Islands, and Raja Ampat combine to make this the best of everything a snorkeler would want in a snorkel trip-of-a-lifetime.
Humpback whales: Unique and perhaps life-changing experience snorkeling with one of the planets largest creature.
Komodo National Park: Incredible reefs with great diversity plus Komodo dragons!
Misool, Raja Ampat: Gorgeous island groups with colorful shallow coral gardens and steep walls.
North Sulawesi: The critter capital of the world!
Palau, Micronesia: Beautiful Rock Islands surrounded by healthy lagoon reefs all encapsulated by a magnificent barrier reef.
Papua New Guinea (Kimbe Bay): Seaward reefs that begin in a few feet of water and drop off to thousands of feet!
Philippine Islands: Good diversity of habitats that offer many chances for bizarre and unusual marine organisms.
Raja Ampat: Fantastic diversity of shallow marine habitats that expose snorkelers to an enormous amount of marine biodiversity.
Solomon Islands: South Pacific island life with abundant, diverse reefs, big fish, and reef formations that have to be seen as well as experienced.
Wakatobi: Exceptional reefs combined with an even more exceptional resort.