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Our portfolio of custom snorkeling tours include many of the best destinations within the Coral Triangle and beyond! From the gorgeous, shallow reefs of Indonesia to off-the-beaten-path locations like the Solomon Islands or Papua New Guinea, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver you a snorkeling trip of a lifetime! We are both marine biologists with over 30 years of combined experience designing and delivering the best snorkeling tours in the world. Please click on any of the icons below to find out more about our exciting snorkeling tours and how you can join us or visit our snorkel tours by date to check out when a snorkeling tour is available during a given calendar year!

Snorkeling expedition to Alor, IndonesiaThe remote Indonesian archipelago of Alor has some of the best reefs the Coral Triangle has to offer. In addition to its magnificent reefs that are crowded with colorful fishes, the area has some of the most beautiful black-sand beaches.



Banda Islands snorkeling tourThe Banda Islands, known for the spice, nutmeg, used to be the center of trade during the early 1700’s. Today it attracts avid snorkelers who crave rich, colorful reefs that have an abundance of reef fishes like nowhere elsewhere in the world.



tour icon for our Belize snorkeling tour - coral triangle adventuresOften referred to as the world’s best kept secret, Belize has the incredible tropical island feel along with the some of the most diverse reefs in the Caribbean Sea.



Fiji snorkeling tourAnother new snorkeling destination! Fiji is known as the ‘soft coral capital of the world’ due to the sheer diversity and abundance of vibrantly colored soft corals found on its shallow reefs. Our 10-day tour bases from Beqa Lagoon Resort.



snorkeling the forgotten islands 2018, coral triangle adventuresWant to really get away from it all? This special departure takes us way off the beaten path to a chain of islands in Indonesia so remote and so far from population centers that they are collectively referred to as the Forgotten Islands.



tour icon for coral triangle adventure's snorkeling tour to Galapagos IslandsWe’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. We found the right boat at the right time of year and now we will snorkel around the most iconic group of islands in the world!



tour icon for halmahera snorkeling tour by coral triangle adventuresLocated between Raja Ampat and Sulawesi, Halmahera is the often overlooked part of the center of marine biodiversity! Now it’s our turn to explore the rich reefs of Halmahera…



Tour icon for our coral triangle snorkeling tour - coral triangle adventuresA special one-of-a-kind journey into the epicenter of the world’s marine biodiversity: Alor – Banda Islands – Raja Ampat! The best of the best on one departure!



tour icon for humpback whales snorkeling tour - coral triangle adventuresSnorkeling with humpback whales on the Silver Bank, Dominican Republic is a dream journey for just about every snorkeling enthusiast!



Komodo snorkeling tourOur popular tour to Komodo National Park begins in Maumere, Flores and ends in Bali. This itinerary gives us the chance to explore several of the lesser visited, but none-the-less incredible reefs and islands outside of the park. Oh, and dragons!



Palau snorkeling tourWhat more can we say about Palau. Its got it all, from barrier reefs and big animals, to shallow protected lagoons with colorful corals. Is it possible to make a better snorkeling tour?



Papua New Guinea snorkeling tourWe’ve been planning this one for a long time! Our snorkeling tour takes place in the ultra-scenic Kimbe Bay, New Britain Island, and the days, of course, involve snorkeling on pristine reefs surrounded by schools of colorful reef fishes.



Philippines snorkeling tourThe Philippines has over 25,000 square kilometers of reef and makes up the entire northern portion of the Coral Triangle. Our tour visits the Central and Eastern Visayas where some of the healthiest reefs in the country can be found.



Raja Ampat snorkeling tourIt is almost an indisputable fact: Raja Ampat, located off of northwest New Guinea, is the world’s center of marine biodiversity. Our snorkeling tour visits many of the magnificent reefs that make this one of the last pristine places on earth.



Snorkeling expedition to the Solomon IslandsLocated in the heart of Melanesia, the Solomon Islands make up the eastern portion of the Coral Triangle. The reefs throughout the archipelago are simply fantastic and the local island life, a special bonus to our daily snorkeling activities.



small tour icon for the triton bay snorkeling tour - coral triangle adventuresTriton Bay is located south of Raja Ampat and like its northern neighbor, possesses some of the highest levels of marine diversity on the planet.



wakatobi tour icon coral triangle adventuresWakatobi is named for the four main islands that lie approximately 100 kilometers southeast of Sulawesi. The National Park and UNESCO status has allowed the reefs to thrive, making them some of the best in the world!



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