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Books by Lee Goldman and Ethan Daniels, coral triangle adventures

Marine Life Books

While our passion for the marine environment and photography clearly comes through on each page, what sets our books apart from the multitude of general marine life identification guides and coffee table pictorial books is our focus on ecology, behaviors, and relationships on the reef. Our books go beyond pages of photo identifications with descriptions, or simply a photograph of the reef with a brief caption, to address items like why the Coral Triangle has the world’s highest levels of marine biodiversity, how and why fish school, marine trophic levels, and reef formation and geology.

Each of our books also discuss some of the major environmental impacts currently affecting our reefs, as well as approaches to mitigation and reef conservation. Please take a look at our selection and we hope you find them interesting, informative, and useful. After all, they were written for you!

Marine Life and Natural History of the Coral Triangle

Marine Life and Natural History of the Coral Triangle. The famed Coral Triangle is a geographical term used to describe the region that possesses the world’s highest levels of marine biodiversity. The roughly triangular-shaped area encompasses waters surrounding the countries of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. Within its borders are over 500 species of coral and over 2000 species of coral reef fishes, making this the ultimate destination for marine naturalists and enthusiasts, with nearly limitless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Through text and colorful photos, Marine Life and Natural History of the Coral Triangle goes well beyond describing over 1000 coral reef species. It takes the reader into the amazing realm of reef ecology. With over 70 short essays and phylum descriptions, the book covers topics such as: why the Coral Triangle has the world’s highest levels of biodiversity; how and why fish school; why fish are colorful; what makes the loudest noises on the reef; what is behind the color changes in cephalopods; what those mounds in the sand represent. It also describes marine trophic levels, nudibranchs’ defenses, snail and sea star infestations, odd fish behaviors, sea star autotomy, and much more. Each story is complemented with beautiful and artistic images that illustrate behaviors, relationships, and the underwater riches of the Coral Triangle. This book is available on Amazon.

Under Cape Cod Waters

Under Cape Cod Waters. Award-winning photojournalist Ethan Daniels captures the mystery and importance of the often overlooked natural communities along the Cape Cod coast. The Capes near-shore waters are both diverse and productive, making these coastal ecosystems as dynamic and prodigious as any along the Atlantic shoreline. With the trained eye of a scientist and the sensibilities of an artist, Daniels photographs the amazing and resilient life forms that play such a vital role in maintaining the health and well being of this cherished peninsula.

The result is a stunning portrait of a world only seen from the surface. In the hazy, dark waters, Daniels reveals the arresting orange of a sponge, the silvery flash of fish scales, the bright blue of a crab claw. With chapters on each of the Cape’s aquatic ecosystems the salt marsh, bay, open ocean, and freshwater ponds Daniels at once enlightens and educates us about the treasures hidden amidst this mesmerizing seascape.

Snorkeler’s Guide to Marine Life of the Philippines

Snorkelers Guide to Marine Life of the Philippines. The 7107 islands of the Philippine archipelago define the northern portion of the famed Coral Triangle, a region that possesses the world’s highest levels of marine biodiversity. The islands are fringed by over 25,000 kilometers of coral reef that contains thousands of species of tropical fishes and invertebrates. For the avid snorkeling and SCUBA diving naturalist, the opportunities for exploration and discovery are nearly limitless.

Snorkeler’s Guide to Marine Life of the Philippines describes through text and photos, over 850 species of marine life commonly found in the shallow coral reefs of the Philippine Islands. Also included are descriptions to some of the best snorkeling sites in Palawan, Bohol, Puerto Galera, Apo Island, Leyte, Donsol, Boracay, Cebu and several other beautiful destinations in the archipelago.

Coral Triangle Seascapes

Coral Triangle Seascapes is a celebration of the astounding variety of life beneath the waves of tropical Southeast Asia. A stunning collection of images, this coffee-table book goes beyond the ordinary however, as a revealing source of scientific information, but also as a poetic call for the protection of ocean biodiversity. This book is currently available only through Asian Geographic.