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Spanish hogfish are found in Belize

Look Forward to Snorkeling

Yes indeed, look forward to snorkeling! At least, that’s how we feel. We know the day will come and it already has a date; October 2nd. That’s our first confirmed trip post pandemic and it’s to Belize. Our other destinations are all in Indonesia and as of this writing, Bali is set to open for a limited number of international tourists in mid-May. We certainly hope that will begin the eventual full-scale opening of Indonesia so we can once again visit some of the best snorkeling destinations on the planet!

Youtube screen shot for CTA snorkeling tours

In the meantime, please make sure you check out our bi-weekly Zoom snorkel sessions (please email us to be added to our invite list), but if you miss the original viewing, we post all of our videos on our Youtube channel. Please also check out our Snorkeling Photos Facebook page. This page was published to provide a place for snorkelers to showcase (or show-0ff) some of their best photos they’ve taken while snorkeling. And with the world slowly opening, we have been encouraged by the uptick in the number of photos that people have been submitting, since it’s something we equate to folks getting out and traveling again!