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Snorkel Vacations

Yes, we started another tour agency called Snorkel Vacations that focuses on snorkeling tours. A good couple of questions might be, “why in the heck would you add to your own competition?”, and another might be, “do you think this is a good time to start a new travel business?”. Okay, good questions. First, we are not creating competition, we are creating an opportunity for a large group of traveling demographic; independent travelers. But, before we get deeper into that subject, the second question is easily answered: We were already in the shoot before the pandemic hit, so we found ourselves in big waves, but we’re riding them into the sun rather than going down with the ship :-).

Okay, back to the independent traveler and snorkel vacations. The main difference between Coral Triangle Adventures and Snorkel Vacations is that CTA offers all-inclusive, high-end service and accommodations, professionally guided tours whereas Snorkel Vacations offers really nothing except the opportunity to be on a live-aboard boat that focuses on snorkeling activities in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. In a sense, it’s what’s not included is what makes us special. There are no additional costs associated with group tour leaders, group resort-stays before and after the trip, and expensive travel itineraries. We charter the entire boat, which includes local guides, and offer it to independent traveling snorkelers.

It’s that simple. We know many snorkelers are just as enthusiastic about marine life as SCUBA divers, but don’t have the same access to sites in world class destinations like Raja Ampat. We know the few choices available to snorkelers, whether it’s joining live-aboard boats with SCUBA divers and becoming second priority, or the limited access of being resort-based, or the expense of organized group travel.

We may be less expensive than other operators, but we did not sacrifice on quality to get there. We chartered an experienced, industry-leading, live-aboard boat and crew, and have over 20 years of combined experience planning and guiding snorkeling tours in Raja Ampat.

Please check out Snorkel Vacations, especially if you know folks who want to get the best our of snorkeling Raja Ampat, but don’t want the obligations of group travel.